About this blog

This blog is about creativity in the broadest sense of the word. I believe it is everywhere and essential to living a fulfilling life. On here, I share my personal insights on creativity, I share reviews on my favorite supplies and resources and will explore blogging itself as a creative medium.

I touch a bit on productivity, creative business and personal development as well, all in the favor of enhancing one’s creativity.

About me

I’m Emma, a Dutch illustrator (among many other things) living the small town life. I run a creative studio called The Dicey Company together with my boyfriend and spend most of my free time filling sketchbooks, playing with my bird companion¬†Tundra,¬†attempting to make delicious food and binge watching (bad) shows on Netflix.

I love art supplies and pretty stationary.

I’m on a mission to pet all the dogs until I have the space to get my own.


If you have any questions about me, my work or this blog, don’t hesitate to ask through my contact form, Instagram, Twitter or plain ol’ e-mail.

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